Host an Event

Host a Spaghetti Dinner and Support the Band of Parents

Hosting a Noodles for Neuroblastoma spaghetti dinner is an easy and fun way to gather your community together in support of pediatric cancer research. Almost everyone loves spaghetti and you can tailor your event to the unique style of your town. Selling tickets will be the primary fundraiser- but there are many opportunities to generate additional donations by offering silent auction items, raffles, 50/50’s and even donation jars. Your first task will be finding a good location to host your dinner and we’ve included a few suggestions in case you need a little inspiration.

We also recommend having a little help because you can’t be in two places at once. This is a great time to get to know your neighbors, local businesses, PTA, politicians and journalists, so don’t be shy about telling people what your event is about and asking them to come, help out or spread the word about your Noodles for Neuroblastoma dinner.

Our tool kit will help you plan and prepare for your dinner. Now time to tap a few friends to help you out by chairing the following committees:

  • Publicity / Invitations / Ticket Sales
  • Procurement (food, supplies, raffles/silent auction items)
  • Food Preparation (your chef’s at large)
  • Volunteers (setup, ticket sales, auction/raffle and cleanup)
  • Entertainment

Publicity Committee

  • Invitation/Poster
  • RSVP Sheet
  • Press Release
  • Local Community Events Listing / Post Event Thank you

Procurement Committee

  • Silent Auction Bid Sheet

What you will need to get

  • Ingredients for the Dinner (Shopping List)
  • Raffle and 50/50 tickets (multiple colors to avoid confusion)
  • Goods or Services for your auction or raffle
  • Flowers / Décor
  • Tables / Chairs
  • Chaffing Trays / Holders / Sterno
  • Serving Ware

Food Preparation Tools

  • Prepping Pasta for 50
  • Meat Sauce for 50
  • Marinara Sauce for 50
  • Garlic Bread Recipe for 50
  • Salad Bar Salad for 50
  • Desserts – Buy the best at your local club store or get those great Italian cookies. Mmmmm.
  • Morning Star veggie crumbles make for a great meat-free bolognaise sauce.

Volunteer Committee

  • You will need volunteers for the following activities
  • Setting up the space
  • Collecting or Selling Tickets at the Door
  • Serving Food from the Buffet / Restocking trays
  • Selling Raffles or 50/50 Tickets
  • Clean up and break down of the space


  • Master of Ceremonies (Host)
  • Opening – Welcome guests and give thanks to any sponsors.
  • Brief Speech – Who/why we are all here. Can use part of the Press release.
  • Throughout the Evening – Advise attendees of availability of Raffles, Auction items etc.
  • Close of the Evening – Auction / 50/50 winners should be notified.
  • Final Remarks – Together we raised over ($$$). We could not have done it without you and the help of all our sponsors.

Downloadable Noodles Toolkit

  • Fundraising Letter (pdf)
  • Entertainment Committee Guide (pdf)
  • Space Planning Guide (pdf)
  • Publicity Press Release (docx)
  • RSVP Form (pdf)
  • Thank You Letter (docx)
  • Silent Auction Form (docx)
  • Food Prep Shopping List (pdf)
  • Food Prep Spaghetti Recipe (pdf)
  • Food Prep Garlic Bread Recipe (pdf)
  • Food Prep Dessert Recipe (pdf)
  • Noodles for Neuroblastoma Logo (pdf)