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September 12, 2021 | September 19, 2021
Cure Kids’ Cancer Challenge – Virtual Event
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Announcing the first annual Band of Parents Cure Kids’ Cancer Challenge – a virtual event – the week of Sunday, September 12 through Sunday, September 19. You choose your own date(s) during this week to participate.


We are looking for Ambassadors who will help us spread the word in their communities and pledge to get at least 5 other people to register. The duplication this provides will help us reach across America! Can you pledge to be a Bound By Hope Ambassador? All Ambassadors will be recognized and sent a special gift from our first annual Cure Kids’ Cancer Challenge.
You can register to walk, run, bike, paddle, swim, hike, etc., for various distances. Each participant will have a personal fundraising page, where your network can sponsor and support you. They too can participate and get their own sponsors as well.
Wear your Cure Kids’ Cancer Challenge t-shirt and share our message! We ask that you share repeatedly with your contacts and social media networks. Share that you are walking/biking/running etc. for your child or that you are a supporter of a child.
Each participant has the week of September 12-19, 2021, during Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, to do their chosen race. Make a date with friends to do it together. Build awareness across the country and even around the world! We envision neighbors, communities, schools, employers, and faith groups, getting excited to support our Childhood Cancer Awareness Month fundraising effort!