Cure Kids' Cancer Challenge - Virtual Event


September 12, 2021 | September 19, 2021    
12:00 am
The first annual Band of Parents Cure Kids’ Cancer Challenge – a virtual event – was held the week of Sunday, September 12 through Sunday, September 19. Participants chose their own date(s) during that week to participate.
Participants registered to walk, run, bike, paddle, swim, hike, etc., for various distances. Each participant had a personal fundraising page, where their network could sponsor and support them.
Each participant had the week of September 12-19, 2021, during Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, to do their chosen race. They were encouraged to make a date with friends to do it together and build awareness across the country and even around the world! The vision was for neighbors, communities, schools, employers, and faith groups to get excited to support the Childhood Cancer Awareness Month fundraising effort.