Are you a passionate do-gooder, who wants to change the world of pediatric cancer? Here is your chance to network with like-minded, energetic, driven individuals and MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the lives of our children.

Band of Parents’ Associate Board is a group of dedicated individuals who are committed to helping find a cure for the pediatric cancer neuroblastoma. As Band of Parents ambassadors, their mission is to promote awareness of the organization — through public relations, fundraising, outreach, and recruiting of new members. Like any winning sports team, a successful nonprofit thrives with outstanding rookies as well as veterans. We hope to cultivate, inspire, and empower a new generation of philanthropic leaders and Band of Parents supporters.

Each Associate Board member is committed to:

  • Quarterly meetings with the Executive Director; members must participate in at least four meetings per year (in person or via conference call)
  • Identifying ways to support Band of Parents’ key fundraising events, including Evening of Hope and Dream for a Cure
  • Promoting Band of Parents’ mission and events on social media
  • Volunteering at one major Band of Parents fundraising event per year
  • Raising money or in-kind gifts to advance the Band of Parents mission
  • Advocating on behalf of Band of Parents, developing relationships within the community


If you are interested in joining our Associate Board, please contact Priscilla Ma,

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