Meet a wild and charming human being; her name is Charlotte. Her favorite thing in the world is making friends while playing at the park and she draws you in with her quick wit and old soul.

Just a few months before her 5th birthday, she started watching veterinarian shows on National Geographic (she wants to be a vet when she grows up). So when we told her she had cancer she knew exactly how serious it was.

Charlotte was diagnosed with high-risk stage 4 neuroblastoma and like anyone going through a really hard time, she wanted someone to swoop in and save her…we all did to be honest.  She told me once when she was recovering from an awfully monster round of chemo that she “wanted to meet a princess so that she could wave her magic wand and take my tumor away.”  I promised I would find her some magic, and a princess. I would do almost anything to heal my child. We did indeed find a team of neuroblastoma specialists in a far-away land called New York City. No princesses yet but it is the closest thing to magic we have.

We live 2,432 miles away from Charlotte’s neuroblastoma team in NYC so it can be more than a little tricky to get her where she needs to be. There have been a few hitches along the way. Due to the COVID pandemic, we found it extremely challenging to find a place to stay and I had no solutions that didn’t end with our little family in ruin. A friend of mine suggested I reach out to an organization called Band of Parents to see if there was anything they could do to help. Band of Parents turned out to be like a Knight in Shining Armor along our journey to finding Charlotte’s magical princess. Band of Parents provided us with affordable, comfortable lodging close to the hospital. It was a massive miracle that allowed our family to be together while Charlotte was in the hospital for multiple tumor removal surgeries, radiation, chemotherapy, and anti-body therapy. Band of Parents provided safety and security during a very tumultuous time.

Band of Parents not only directly aids neuroblastoma families, but they also fund critical research for children. Band of Parents fuels the magic makers! There are not enough thank you cards in the world to express how grateful we are to Band of Parents for their continued support for finding a cure, and for their constant care of all our children and families. Please help us find the magic wand that will make this nightmare disappear. Help us find a cure, and in turn help all the children like my Charlotte seeking to be rescued.

Warrior of Band of Parents
Warrior-2 of Band of Parents
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Warriors-3 of Band of Parents
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