The Thompson Family

Through their annual Fullerton Fun Walk, the Thompson family has raised approximately $100,000 for Band of Parents over 9 years.

We have been at this fundraiser for the Band of Parents for nine years now. We started it like all of the other parents of neuroblastoma kids did – on their own as a grass roots endeavor. Whatever the amount is that we have raised doesn’t go far in the medical world we know, but we feel as if we are doing our part to help these kids. I spend all year going to garage sales and buy close to 400 sports-related prizes that we give away. Kids do exercise type games and we give them tickets. It encourages them to WANT to do the exercises to get more tickets to have more chances to win prizes. We have famous athletes signing autographs, we have games and inflatables, a live band, and much more. After all that we have a 2K walk around our park. We also have gift bags complementary for everyone. I am proud of what it has become, but still wish we could raise more money, but we are also raising awareness of Band of Parents as well as neuroblastoma. Our Joey was diagnosed in 2005.We started frontline treatment in January, 2006. After chemo and a stem cell transplant, we were told there was nothing more that could be done. Three days later, we were on a flight to see Dr. (Brian) Kushner at Memorial Sloan Kettering. Best move we ever made in our lives. Joey is now, 15 and a freshman in high school. He’s a really little guy – very small, about 80 pounds. He’s never going to be a big guy. One day we were in the endocrinologist’s in Omaha, Joey asked, “How tall am I going to be?” “ 5’, 5’1, 5’2. Maybe 100 pounds when fully developed.” Joey: “I guess I can be a doctor.” He’s just a special kid.

As told by Pat Thompson, Joey’s dad, 3/15/17

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